Victory Bullions has developed a state of the art laboratory which determines the fineness of all precious metals. This is equipped with advanced and environment friendly technology that also ensures safety and quality of the product. Testing methods are applied on case-by-case basis and may include various testing techniques, applied singly or in combination, as appropriate. The utmost priority here is to satisfy the highest standards of the Gold market.


The refinery uses robust and time-tested techniques to arbitrate the purity of Gold Ore and Silver which is definite to be 99.50%. The refined items are then transformed into variety of bespoke Gold and Silver Bars, Coins, Strips or other forms as per our customers' preferences. All the processes followed here are attested and approved by the Global Precious Metal Refining Standards.The refinery continually investigates technological developments that could make its operations more efficient and cost effective.

Dealing/ Trading

Victory Bullions has well-experienced team as well as skilled labour which provide best services to cater our clients' demand. We are available in different regions of India, also for trading online. The facilities here guarantee 'Good Delivery' of products, nationally as well as internationally. The prime objective of our team is to harmonize growth of our organisation, our associates and society at large.